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RADmix - 13.6 kg

RADmix - 13.6 kg

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Kodiak Pro RADmix is a concrete admixture that will truly allow you to make GFRC, ECC, SCC and UHPC mixes without the need for acrylic polymers. No need for multiple bags for different applications.  RADmix is a unique blend of micro-fines, minerals and additives, which when combined with In The Mix's proprietary Sand & Cement Blend, along with fibres, will allow you to create concrete that...

  • helps eliminate pinholes
  • increases concrete density (helps make it waterproof)
  • increases colour saturation with oxides
  • increased compressive and flexural strengths 
  • increased workability - can be sprayed through hopper guns; poured direct into moulds; hand packed or troweled without the stickiness of polymer based mixes

RADMIX is a high-performance option when decreasing materials costs is a higher priority than time savings, or for those that want to use their own portland cement and sands. A superior mix that will be the foundation for both the concrete artisan and the large scale manufacturer alike.

Using RADmix and our Sand & Cement Blend with minor tweaking of water and plasticiser makes work that little bit easier. Download the IN THE MIX Dosage Guide for RADmix based mixes.

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