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PVA Fibre RECS15 - 500g

PVA Fibre RECS15 - 500g

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RECS15 PVA Fibres are 8 denier (diameter of fibre), ductile mono-filament PVA fibers (Polyvinyl Alcohol) for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of RECS15 are an increase in the flexibility and toughness of concrete. These fibers lend their flexural strength to your concrete allowing it to bend where normal concrete would break. RECS15 is coated to aid in dispersion and increase strain hardening. These PVA fibers bond on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding) within concrete, creating a multi-dimensional network of tensile (240 ksi (1600 MPa) ) and flexural strength.

These are monofilament fibres that are available in 2 different deniers (diameter of the fibre) – 15 and 100. The fibre lengths are 5/16” or 6mm (PVA15), and 1/2” or 13mm (PVA100). Due to the fine nature of these fibres, and the fact that they disperse into monofilament fibres, they are less likely to be visible in finished surface. How visible they are in relation to each other is in direct proportion to their various diameters (15 is least visible, 100 is most visible).

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