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Anti-Crak 3mm HD Fibre Owens Corning

Anti-Crak 3mm HD Fibre Owens Corning

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Anti-CRAK® HD (High Dispersion) is designed to provide plastic shrinkage crack control and high quality surface finish to decorative concrete applications such as UHPC, ECC, SCC and GFRC mixes. 

They are an excellent secondary reinforcement that are virtually invisible in your final finished product. It is recommended to mix them into your dry batch first to ensure proper dispersion throughout your mix.

  • For a sprayable face coat dose at 0.2% - 0.5% of your dry batch weight
  • For a pourable SCC mix blend them with Owens Corning 18mm Bundled AR Fibres: 3mm @ 0.3% and 18mm @ 2.5%  

Please note that these dosages are guidelines and may vary depending on the application. Testing is highly recommended to ensure suitability for your own use.

Download our Dosage Guide for RADmix based mixes

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