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Trial Packs

Trial Packs

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Spray It - Pour It - Pack It - Trowel It

Are you wanting to trial Kodiak Pro's RADmix? Here are a few Trial Packs to choose from...

1. Large Pack has 3 x 20kg Sand & White Cement Blend, 1 x 13.6kg RADmix and 1 x       500g TBP (The Best Plasticiser).

2. Large Pack with 1 x 1L CT Prime and 1 x 1L CT Satin Topcoat.

3. Small Pack has 1 x 20kg Sand & Cement Blend, 1 x 4.5kg RADmix and 1 x 100g TBP.

The Large Pack will make over 70kg of Mix which will make a piece that is about 1.8 m2 at 20mm thick. It is enough to pour a small table, large vanity or a few basins. Try the hand press method to make a planter or stool or even a trowel finish table top. 

The Small Pack will make 24.5 kg of mix. Enough to pour a basin or two or even try spraying a small coffee table. One Mix that allows a lot of room for creativity!

Check out our range of PVA, HD and Bundled AR Fibres as well as range of high quality Coloured Oxides to go In The Mix.

Download our In The Mix Calculator which has all the ratios for water, plasticiser and fibres to make Mixes you can spray, pour, hand pack and trowel. 

These packs are available for a limited time and are designed to allow the Concrete Artisan the to try the Kodiak Pro System.

Any questions? Get in contact with us!

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